Dealing with a deceased estate can be difficult. Negotiating paperwork, legal jargon and family disputes can put unwanted stress when grieving the loss of someone important.
Michael J O’Doherty & Co. can help with;

  • Interpreting the will of the deceased in terms of estate laws.
  • Advising executors and trustees in regard to their duties and rights.
  • Informing government bodies including Centrelink and Veterans Affairs.
  • Applying for Probate of the Will in the Supreme Court.
  • Dealing with intestacy (where there is no Will).
  • Applying for Letters of Administration (if the Will is deemed invalid or is absent).
  • Identifying estate assets and liabilities.
  • Obtaining valuations of estate property.
  • Collecting estate financial assets including superannuation, bank funds, shares, outstanding loans, and insurance payouts.
  • Selling or transferring estate property including estate auctions.
  • Paying estate debts including mortgages, funeral costs, and testamentary expenses.
  • Advising in regard to family and testamentary trusts.
  • Administering trust funds.
  • Distributing bequests and inheritances to beneficiaries.
  • Organising information for estate tax returns.
  • Family mediation and negotiation.
  • Contesting wills and defending estate litigation in the Supreme Court.

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