A contract is a legally enforceable exchange of promises defined in a binding agreement between two or more parties. Almost all commercial relationships and transactions are are regulated by a contract. From buying a house to hiring someone to mow your lawn.

The main elements to a contract are;

  1. Offer
  2. Acceptance
  3. Consideration
  4. Intention

When drafting a contract, Michael J O’Doherty & Co. enable input and active contribution from our clients to ensure active involvement in the drafting process. We will simplify the process using in plain language (where possible) to effectively communicate complex legal concepts and ensure each element of the agreement is understood.

We can advise and assist you in relation to;

  • Mortgage and leasing contracts and
  • Buying and selling business contracts
  • Property Contracts
  • Intellectual Property Contracts and licensing
  • Will, Trusts, Deeds and Estate contracts
  • Procurement contracts
  • Franchising Contracts
  • Employment Contracts

Our role does not end once the documents have been signed, we provide services including; pre-contract negotiations, compliance obligations, interpretation of existing contracts and contract litigation if the counter-party fails to meet their obligations.

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